Kangxi Blue and White Pair of Porcelain Wing / Frill Vases

Kangxi Rare pair of Venetia Glass shaped porcelain blue and white bottle vases made in the Late 17th / early 18th century at the kilns at Jingdezhen. Painted in bright blue cobalt with the distinctive three blues. Excellent definition in the painting to show aquatic plants around the body and to the top of the neck pencil painting of tree peonies with birds.

The shape is an amalgam of the popular shape from the glass factories in Murano in Venice and porcelain gourd shapes. The rounded base to the bottom resembles the gourd while the long elegant neck with the flared top is typical Murano glass shape as is the frill handle shape highlighted in pencil style painting.
It is thought that wooden shapes of this glass was sent to Jingdezhen to be copied into porcelain.
It was a popular shape but few pairs remain. There are examples in The British Museum and The Peabody in The USA and David Howard illustrates a pair although different decoration in the book The Choice of the Private Trader catalogue no.277
These vases are slighter larger than most
Eminent Private London Collection
Perfect except for minor frits to the bevelled line on the neck
See Treasures of Chinese Export Ceramics from The Peabody by Sagent.
Choice of the Private Trader by David Howard
Item Number 5923


Material chinese Porcelain
Age 1662 to 1722
Dimensions Height 24.00 cm  (9.45 inches)